“The Evil Spirits are entirely to blame”. Words were spoken by a mother of six, without any signs of remorse, spoken with a clear voice void of any tremor or emotion. The evil spirit through my former boyfriend led me to easily strangle my four children. It was so easy” She said.

One of the images of evil Spirit as per peoples’ perceptions.

It was a horrendous crime which left the residents of Naivasha shocked- And it takes much to shock Naivasha -So the question begs, in this instance is the evil spirit to blame? Who, what is the evil spirit?

The Christians refer to the evil spirit as an unclean creation which was once a bosom friend of God, vile fallen angels, demons, under Satan. Whereas Angels under God do whatever He wishes, demons, they do whatever they are inclined to. In the Eastern World, the term Genie or Jinny is bandied around to depict the evil one; they also refer to it as the “bad eye”.

During my childhood days, evil spirits were depicted to be our dead relatives who are not resting in peace. It was said that if a person died mysteriously then someone killed them and that would be proven by the evil spirit constantly appearing to them and making their lives a living hell until, they come clean and confess their actions. Either my mother’s stories have brainwashed me or I watch a lot of Nigerian movies.

Beatrice Mwende’s horrendous action only casually depicts deeper evil she alludes to it. It is a confirmation that Beatrice is crying for help. In one sense she is right, it was the work of evil spirits. Yes, it was, Poverty is evil. A great evil, once you become accustomed to poverty, the whole lot of it, eking out a living, failed hopes and hopelessness the total leads to stress and eventually depression.

Beatrice Mwende, the woman who strangled her four children. Photo COURTESY

Beatrice Mwende is an extreme case but it mirrors what is happening to our society when we hold ourselves responsible for undesirable events in our life and incapable of surmounting them or at least talking them out.

Beatrice is a cry for help. Will society listen?



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