How can a simple walk while looking up cure anything?

The same way yoga asks you to combine breath, gaze, and movement in one, to get to a better place: motion creates emotion; lack of it also creates a feeling – and not the good one.

To get out of bed, we need something to look forward to; we need a vision.

When you get up and start walking, this is what happens:

oxygen will come to some forgotten cells in your body
making the powerful shift in energy level, which will, in turn,
make your brain cells come up with some great ideas and vision that will make you jump out of bed in the morning…
How exactly?

For example, when you turn on Google maps while driving, to hear it, you need silence. The walk turns down voices in your head, so you can hear your wiser self telling you which is the best way to move forward at the moment.
That’s what movement does, always.

And this text is not about curing depression. It is about returning a sense of purpose and joy to our everyday life.

Let’s make it simple, shall we? Everybody can walk.

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