By Kitengela Biznet Team

Kajiado county government might opt for county lockdown to curb the alarming new COVID-19 infections.

Kajiado Governor Joseph ole Lenku is concerned that despite the stringent measures put across the county by the devolved unit, the new infections are worrying. By Thursday 17th July 2020, the county was fifth nationally having recorded a total of 154 cases and 10 deaths reported.

Lenku says his administration might consider county lockdown soon to contain the situation.

“We are closely monitoring the new infection figures. We will have an Executive meeting next week and our next cause of action will be informed by the trend of the figures by then. We cannot rule out county lockdown,” Said Lenku. The proximity of Kajiado County from Nairobi Capital city and   Kenya-Tanzania’s porous border is attributed to the high number of infections.

Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku inspecting the Namanga border point quarantine facility.

The county also shares two border points with a neighboring country whose reaction to reported COVID-19 cases are suspect. According to The county department of health, 80% of total infections are recorded at the Namanga border post and have mainly involved truck drivers in transit.

Other significant numbers of infections within the county’s urban terrain are attributed to the big number of Kajiado residents who commute daily from Nairobi and the environs.


Lenku also added that his administration was focused on boosting COVID- 19 home care program and was considering translating the ministry of health guidelines into the Maasai dialect to enlighten locals.

Kajiado County Lockdown might entail the following:

A road close up of all the roads linking Kajiado to the other counties of Nairobi, Machakos, Nakuru, and Kiambu.

  • Closing of the International boundary
  • Closing of the railway link which crosses part of the county.
  • A reduction of movement of people and goods.
  • A diligent system to monitor and track suspected COVID cases.
  • Tying up a big number of county security personnel and other officials to ensure the lockdown is successful.
  • A strong public relation exercise by the county PR team to boost the negative admonitions expected from the traders and daily commuters in and out of the county.



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