By Julius Musungu

“A Hero is unknown until an adversity confronts him”

Kajiado has become the first County in the Country to CONFER LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT & RECOGNITION AWARDS to local heroes and heroines, both posthumously and those still alive.

Notably among those  who  have been feted inculude the Late Joseph Ole Nkaiserry were among the 20 individuals awarded.

On the list were former paramount Chiefs and famous Maasai Oloibon.(Spiritual leaders).Here is the full list.

1▪︎ The late SENTEU OLE MBATIANY; For being a defender of African Rights and playing a leading role in the fight against colonialism in the Republic of Kenya.

The family to the Awardees.

2▪︎ The late MUTUNKEI OLE CHOONKA: For being a leader of Iltareto age –set, dependable spokesman and first colonial chief of Ilkaputiei.

3▪︎ The late MATAYIAN OLE RISA: For being an effective, people-centered, reliable, and dependable government chief in Ildamat.

4▪︎ The late PETER SHOMPOLE OLE LEROKA: For being a brave warrior in the Mau Mau struggle for Independence and becoming a veteran educator and teacher.

5▪︎ The late LENKU OLE MPAA: For being a diligent traditional leader of the Ilterito Age Set among the Ilkisonko community and for exemplary public service as a Government Chief.

6▪︎ The late REV JOHN TOMPO OLE MPAAYEI; For being a dedicated teacher and author and serving diligently as chairman of the East African Bible Society (EABS) and director of World Vision International.

The late Joseph Ole Nkaiserry and the Late George Saitoti were among those feted with lifetime achievement awards. The Awards were presented to their kin at the Kajiado KCB grounds. Photo: Courtesy

7▪︎ The late JONATHAN SIMITIA OLE SOLITEI: For being a diligent and committed educationist and offering effective political leadership of Ilkaputiei

8▪︎ LOISE MPAYIAI NKAAKA; For setting the trend in education of the girl child and being the first Maasai girl to go to a formal school.

9▪︎ The late GIDEON SAINA OLE MPOKE. For being a dedicated and motivational educationist and serving diligently as Secretary of the African District Council (ADC).

10▪︎ ZIPPORAH SENTERUA PELO; For charting the path of girl child education in the Maa Nation by being the first Maasai girl to attend the prestigious Alliance Girls High School.

11▪︎ The late JASON OLE SEIN; For being a pioneer veteran teacher and master of the English language, political leader, astute businessman, and successful rancher.

12▪︎ PROF GEOFFREY OLE MALOIY: For being an expert in Veterinary Medicine and offering effective academic leadership at Institutions of Higher Learning.

13▪︎ PRISCILLA NANGURAI: For being an avid promoter of girl child education in the Maasai community and shaping the future of thousands of girls rescued from harmful cultural practices.

14▪︎ The late STANLEY SHAPASHINA OLOITIPITIP: For being a pioneer political leader and representative of Kajiado South Constituency and offering diligent public service as Cabinet Minister in the Republic of Kenya.

15. The late GODFREY KIMOISA OLE KIPURY: For being a committed and dedicated educationist and serving with integrity as the first Senator of Kajiado.

16▪︎ The late JOHN KEEN; For being a committed and dedicated political leader and champion of the second liberation and Multi-party democracy in the Republic of Kenya.

The Late John Keen


17▪︎ The late PROF GEORGE SAITOTI; For promoting education in Kajiado and for loyal and diligent public service as Cabinet Minister and Vice President of the Republic of Kenya.

18▪︎ The late MAJOR GENERAL (Rtd) JOSEPH KASAINE OLE NKAISERRY; For being a steadfast and firm political leader in Kajiado Central and offering diligent service as Cabinet Secretary in the Republic of Kenya.

Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku Confers a lifeTime achievement Award to Hellen Nkaiserry widow to the late Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Nkaiserry at during the Mashujaa Day celebrations held at the Kajiado KCB grounds. Photo: GPS

19▪︎ The Late David Lemomo Ole Kapeen: For being a dedicated political leader and founder chairman of the former Olkejuado County Council

20 ▪︎The late FRANCIS LEMEEKI OLE LEGIS; For being the first-ever Moran officer and political leader and for offering dedicated public service as Chairman of the former Olkejuado County Council.

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