Kajiado County Governor Joseph Ole Lenku is a man under siege this is after numerous complaints that are reaching the Kitengela Biznet and that have been shared widely online depict his leadership style as archaic,high handed and full what is described as clan-ism.In a letter written by one of the employees who claims  to work for the county Governor’s office.

Governor Lenku is accused of non payment of allowances to the employees of the county a situation that has led the employees to be less motivated due to poor pay.The employees claim that receiving allowances for work trips has been a nightmare and some are still making claims dating back to 2018.The county staff are said to be facing tough times as they are now forced to skip meals in order to save enough money for their transport.

Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku inspecting the Namanga Border point quarantine facility.

The Lenku administration is furthermore accused of irregular transfers in sensitive departments such as roadblocks in key places such as lucrative border points.The administration is accused of only sending people on those key points based on political affiliation as well as specific clans that are dominant in the Lenku administration.

Governor Joseph Ole Lenku flanked by his Cabinet

The hard hitting letter written by an insider in the Lenku administration also accuse the Lenku administration borderline high handedness and intimidation of staff seen as allied to particular political affiliation and who are notably been labelled as cells of the former Governor Nkedianye regime.As case in point is that some senior officers in the Lenku administration have been blocked and their IFMIS credentials withdrawn leaving them with little or nothing to do in the office.

Former Governor David Nkedianye

The accusations against the Governor and the powers that beckon at his office paint a scenario where hiring and firing without due process as the order of the day with little regard to academic qualifications but loyalty to right leaning bosses is highly rewarded.

“The staff are suffering in silence ,We will soon attend the funeral of staff killed by shock and stress. The silent majority of staff will surprise the power that be with their voting pattern.”The letter reads.

It is still mot clear who authored the this hard hitting missive but it clearly shows a person in dire need to let out.The Kajiado County Government is yet to respond to the allegations

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